About the University Scientific-Research Laboratory of internationalization of higher education

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The purpose of the Scientific Research Laboratory is functioning and implementation of integrated scientific analysis of modern trends in higher education in the formation of European research and education network and transnational intellectual space for the implementation of the conceptual foundations of the internationalization of higher education in Ukraine and the formation of a strategy of internationalization of the University. The process of internationalization should be aimed, on the one hand, the international integration components to university research and higher education, and the other - on the export of educational services for the participation of the University in international scientific and educational networks.


The main functions of the laboratory:

  • research-organizing – coordinating and conducting research in the approved topics and programs of the laboratory, according to the University agreements concluded with international organizations, universities, agencies, funds to provide scientific research;
  • scientific-methodical – implementation of research results into practice through the development of the University scientific guidelines, teaching programs and e-learning courses; implementation experience of research and the educational process in the University’s practice;
  • scientific-organizational – improving scientific expertise of SRL’s staff, students, graduate students, doctoral students, young scientists of the University;
  • scientific-integrative – organization work with international partners (European Commission, foreign universities, organizations, foundations, etc.) and structural units of the University (institutes, faculties, departments, research laboratory, etc.);
  • scientific-informational – creating an information space for the international activity of the University; coverage of SRL, promotion of scientific and practical experience among teachers, researchers, graduate and doctoral students of the University.

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