thumb_16. Yeremenko

Olena Yeremenko

Director of Institute of Philology

Academic degree, academic rank

Doctor of Sciences in Philology , Professor

Special achievements

  • Graduated from Kamyanets-Podilskyi Pedagogical Institute named after Volodymyr Zatonskyi in 1994.
  • Candidate of Sciences in Philology  since 1997 (the research topic: «Creative work of Oleksii Plushch in the context of development of Ukrainian Literature at the beginning of  the ХХth century»), Associate Professor (since 2004).
  • The author of more than 100 scientific works, among which there are monographs: "What is well in not serving Ukraine…”, “Oleksii Plushch: literary portrait" (Кyiv, 2003), "Literary image through the dimensions of syncretism” (Kyiv, 2008), chapters in textbooks for the Higher school “History of Ukrainian Literature of the ХІХth century (70s-90s)" (Kyiv, 2003), "History of Ukrainian Literature of the end of  the ХІХth – the beginning of the ХХth century" (Kyiv, 2005).
  • October 23, 2008 the Doctoral dissertation “Syncretism of artistic imagery in Ukrainian prose of the second half of the ХІХth – the beginning of the ХХth century» was defended.

Professional and scientific interest

Ukrainian literature, Foreign literature, Theory of literature, Culturology, History of art.

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