Olena Bondareva

Vice-rector on Social-humanitarian Work and Leadership

Academic degree, academic rank

Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor

Special achievements

  • 1986 − Graduated from the philological faculty Kherson State Pedagogical University.
  • In September 2000 defended PhD thesis in specialty 10.01.01 – Ukrainian literature.
  • InMarch2007 defended doctoral thesis in specialty 10.01.01 – Ukrainian literature; 10.01.06 – theory of literature).
  • Since 1stSeptember 2008 workedatBorys Grinchenko Kyiv University.
  • Authorofover134 scientific papers, including three monographs, two tutorials and the textbook, four books of poetry and translation.
  • Memberof theNationalWriter’s Union of Ukrainian, the National Union of Theatre Figures of Ukraine. Dramaexpert and a jury member of literary contest “The Coronation of the Word” and the International Theatre Festival “Melpomene Taurus”. Authorandscientific coordinator of the International scientific-theatrical project “Modern Ukrainian drama: models of theoretical and stage reading”.
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