International Scientific Seminar "JAPANESE SOCIETY: SOURCES - HISTORY – MODERN TIMES" (日本 社会: 起源 · 史学 · 現代)

BORYS GRINCHENKO KYIV UNIVERSITY, Institute of Philology, Department of Oriental Languages and Translation with information support of EMBASSY OF JAPAN IN UKRAINE

DEAR COLLEAGUES!  We invite you to participate in the International Scientific Seminar  "JAPANESE SOCIETY: SOURCES - HISTORY – MODERN TIMES" (日本 社会: 起源 · 史学 · 現代) to be held on 17 May, 2018

Subject of the discussion:
Sources and factors of Japanese society formation: worldview, morality, culture

Seminar vanue:

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

13-B, Marshal Timoshenko Str., Kyiv 

Seminar languages: Ukrainian, Japanese, English. 


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