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The Institute of Society welcomes visitors of our site! 


The activity of the Institute is directed at the issues of the society, its history, economy, social relations and administration.

We will be glad to find friends, colleagues and partners who

will share our thoughts and point of views.


With best regards,

Director of the Institute of Society of

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Yakovenko Ihor

PhD in Economics Sciences,

Associate Professor




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Institute trains PhD Candidates in the following areas:

Ukrainian History
World History
IT in Education
Professional Education
Social Philosophy and Philosophy in History
Religion Studies


Institute for Society trains specialists in the following fields:


Computer Sciences
Cultural Sciences
International Information
Finance and Credit


Computer Sciences
Social Computer Sciences
Finance and Credit

Master/Postgraduate Education

Management of Educational Institutions
Public Administration

Students are the members of the Students Scientific Association and organizers of traditional Ukrainian scientific and practical conferences, competitions.

Institute has Scientific Clubs:

Historical Club "Enigma"
Centre of Development "Cepheus"
Club "Femida"
Cub "Foundations of the Business Activity"
Student's scientific achievements are published in the student's electronic scientific magazine and collection of the scientific articles "Students Researches" based on the materials of the conferences.

We are honored to have such students at our Institute as:

Kateryna Kozina
Won the first place in the University Competition "Off Screen"
Anna Lesnikova
Won the first place in the International Competition "Winter Fiesta" in Poland
Maryna Shevchenko
This year Grinchenko Laureate
Tatiana Zotova
Won the second place in the Fifth International Competition "My World is Art"

2014-2015 academic year:

Academic staff of the Institute participated in the preparation of 4 monographs, prepared and published 4 textbooks for students of higher education institutions, 18 manuals, prepared for publishing 158 articles in professional periodicals. It was defended 1 thesis for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. Our research and teaching staff prepared 14 student articles to participate in the second phase of student research in natural, technical and humanitarian sciences. Two works placed 2nd and 3rd prizes in the nomination “Historical Science” and “Information Technology”.

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