International Cooperation
Faculty closely cooperates with the Institute of History, Jagiellonian University, Poland.

In the framework of the project "Building Understanding Across Time and Borders" students of our Faculty have video conferences with students from Seton Hall University (New Jersey, USA).

Academics of the Faculty cooperate with Higher Pedagogical School of the Teachers' Union in Warsaw (Poland). They implement joint scientific project "Correlations Between Higher School and Labor Market".

Our Faculty has joint Ukrainian and Polish researches on issues of higher education and society development.

In the framework of the project "Leaders for Leaders" students of our Faculty has an opportunity to have lectures, seminars, workshops with people who are known for their innovativeness, creativity and change our society for better.

International Publications:

Wobec Króla i Rzeczpospolitej Magnateria w XVI-XVIII wieku / Red. Ewa Dubas-Urwanowicz, Jerzy Urwanowicz. – Kraków: Avalon, 2012.

Całościowe ujęcia edukacji – ku spotkaniu z oświatologią; redakcja: Tadeusz Lewowicki, Wiktor O. Ogniewjuk, Swietłana O. Sysojewa. – Wyższa Szkola Pedagogiczna ZNP. – Warsyawa, 2011.

Modern socio-political processes in Russia, Europe states and in the World / ed. By D.Pukas. – Stuttgart, ORT Publishing, 2012.

Spheres of Culture. Journal of Philological, Historical, Social and Media Communication, Political Science and Cultural Studies / Ed. by Ihor Nabytovych. – Lublin, 2012.





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