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Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is a Capital University that belongs to the territorial community of Kyiv city and has been tracing its history since 1874.

Grinchenko University – is a multidisciplinary educational institution that solidly took its place in the top ten of best Ukrainian universities!

Today more than 8000 students get their education within 45 specialties at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. The University offers excellent combination of long-term educational traditions and modern innovative approach to training based on the European standards.

The basis of the corporate culture of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is a philosophy of servant-leadership that professes human development and building relationships as the most important social values, forming a sense of responsibility as the main instrument of self-development and building of interpersonal relationships on the basics of trust and support.

University Mission is in our service to a person, community and society we embrace everyone in sustainable individual development and leadership.

University Vision is to develop servant leadership as the corporate culture of the university; to ensure implementation of the university standard for education and research; to create healthy environment, infrastructure and conditions for students' development and academic mobility; to serve Kyiv community.

Values: person, community, trust, spirituality, responsibility, professionalism, servant-leadership, national identity.

International Cooperation

One of the major directions of the University's activities is its international cooperation. The University is a signatory of the Magna Charta Universitatum; a member of the International University Association and the European University Association.

The authority of the University is recognized on international level by joining the International Association of Universities (2012) and the European University Association (2013), the signing of 40 bilateral agreements with universities in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Turkey, China, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Greece, Czech Republic, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and others. We are actively cooperating with the famous international organizations such as the UN, The World Bank, British Council, Alliance USETI etc., Research Centre “Ryan”, with the companies like Intel and Microsoft.

The University is a member of international projects supported by the European Commission:

  • Seventh Framework Programme on “International Research Network for study and development of new tools and methods for advanced pedagogical science in the field of ICT instruments, e-learning and intercultural competences (IRNet)”;
  • the “Tempus” Project “Development of Embedded System Courses with implementation of Innovative Virtual approaches for integration of Research, Education and Production in Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia (DESIRE)”;
  • the “Tempus” Project “Education for Leadership, Intelligence, and Talent Encouraging (ELITE)”.

Professors of foreign universities and the representatives of the international organizations give lectures at our University.




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