Main Fields of Work


Teaching and methodological work.

Scientific and research work in the sphere of Philology, Literature and Translation.

Upgrading professional competences in  foreign languages.

Holding large quantity of scientific conferences of different levels – international, Ukrainian-wide and interuniversity.

Training of professional philologists for Ukraine and many other countries.

International activity: the Institute of Philology maintains broad international relations, cooperates with many training and scientific institutions of the world.
Activity of the Institute of Philology aims at forming a new generation of professionals, who having gained deep specific and fundamental knowledge, are able to realize themselves creatively and independently.

Humanitarian and pedagogical work: at the Institute of Philology it is focused on basic values of general and professional culture to guarantee optimal conditions for the formation, development and self-actualisation of the student’s personality.

Preparation of academic staff at the School of PhD Studies and Doctoral School. 



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