Main Fields of Work


Educational work. The organization of educational process at Pedagogical Institute is carried out according to the practical oriented learning with some educational programmes of first educational level (bachelor) for specialties «Preschool Education, «Elementary Education» and second educational level (master) for specialties «Preschool Education, «Elementary Education», «Pedagogy of Higher Education», «Pedagogy of Secondary Education » (form of training: part-time).

All conditions are created at the Institute forte acquisition of professional proficiency according to the chosen specialty and personal skills and talents development. Powerful teaching staff, classes equipped with up-to-date techniques, domestic and foreign pedagogical partners from higher educational institutions and the best Kyiv preschool and school institutions, the innovative technologies use within the teacher and student partnership relations, effective combination of theoretical and practical content of learning, the ability of giving an individual training schedule to students who combine studying and work – all this is the present of the Institute’s teaching staff.

We seek to improve not only the content of professional preparation process but also the forms of it acquisition. It is usual to us to teach with flexible hours at laboratory of creative pedagogy, school classes, preschool educational institutions, museums, libraries, centers of early development .

The following centers operate at the Institute: Teaching-Methodological Laboratory of Creative Pedagogy, Centre of Self-knowledge and self-development.

In the Institute it is provided conditions for realizing a research-based education; an incessant process of future teacher`s foreign language training; conducting pedagogical practice in the best rated Kyiv preschool and school institutions.

Different innovative technologies are implemented in the educational process such as: 1 student - 1 computer, case-study, blended learning, flipped classroom, CLIL, distance learning, cooperative learning, mobile learning.

The Institute’s logistical support includes a modern library, an auditorium equipped for implementation of «1 student - 1 computer» model, classrooms equipped with Smartboards and flipcharts for holding some trainings and other innovative forms of education.


Social and humanitarian work. The activity of social humanitarian areas lies in decision making process of students’ and humanitarian questions, socially education organization and coordination process. The main tasks are:

  • ensuring the observance of the rights and social guarantees of students of privileged categories;
  • solving scholarship issues, providing material assistance and awarding students;
  • carrying out preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle at the University and dormitories;
  • organization and holding of cultural events;
  • cooperation with student’s self-government club;
  • organization of work of creative clubs;
  • organization and promotion of the development of sports achievements of students of the institute.


Scientific work. The Chairs work on the following scientific topics: “Content and technology of ensuring the quality of continuous pedagogical education according to the European integration conditions” n (leader: Lyudmyla Khoruzha), “A new professional teacher training strategy in the context of European integration” (leaders: Hanna Ivanyuk, Hanna Byelyen’ka, Nataliia Kosharna, Hennadiy Bondarenko).

The Institute scientists have made the comparative analysis of the scientific thesaurus of the future teacher professional training system in the European and Ukrainian educational space. The value concepts of the new pedagogical education strategy, the peculiarities of internal and external content differentiation, types and structures of preschool and school educational institutions are justified by the scientists. The interdependence and connection of socio-economic, political, axiological factors, goals and tasks of the teacher training in the context of the new strategy are specified, diagnostic tools for determining of future teachers basic personal and professional qualities and educators are developed.

The priority directions of the chairs’ work are:

  • identification of the priorities of the of higher education development in Ukraine;
  • the concept of continuous pedagogical education development at the University;
  • studying the latest information resources for scientific and pedagogical staff and introducing them into scientific activity;
  • educational and innovative projects in ensuring the quality of Institute education;
  • development and testing of new generation educational and scientific-methodical manuals which take into account the process of a teacher preparation according to the new strategy;
  • participation in scientific projects at the expense of grants.

Scientific-pedagogical staff members have signed international cooperation agreements. Guest lectures were held as part of the implementation of international cooperation agreements signing. The Institute staff members participate in academic mobility. The Institute chairs (departments) hold international, scientific and practical conferences and round tables. Students are active participants and winners of All-Ukrainian competitions and Olympiads.



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