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Publishing house "Pedagogic Press"

Publishing house "Heneza"

Publishing house "Bohdan"

Publishing house "Education"

Collection of Scientific Papers of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University "Pedagogic Process: Theory and Practice"

Collection of Scientific Papers of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University Continuous Professional Education: Theory and Practice".

Research Journal of the National Pedagogic Dragomanov University

Scientific and Methodological Journal "Computer Sciences and IT in Educational Institutions"

Problems of Modern Pedagogic Education

Research Journal of Melitopol Bogdan Khmelnitsky State Pedagogic University

Formation of the Market Economy. Scientific Collection of Vadym Hetman Economic University.

Pedagogy and Psychology. Collection of Articles. Crimean Humanitarian University

Ukrainian Journal "Pre-School"

Journal "Chemistry and Biology"

Journal "Pre-School Education"

Journal "Dzhmil" ("Bumblebee" )Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Journal "Dyvoslovo" ("Dreamland")

Journal "Ukrainian Language and Literature in a Modern School"

Journal "Open Lesson"

Journal "Art and Education"

Journal "History in a Modern School"

Journal "Law and Administration"

Journal "Law and Society"

Journal "Science and Law Enforcement"

Journal "Administrative Law and Process"

Journal "Visnyk Procuratury" ("Prosecution Information")

Dialogues: Newspaper for Ukrainian Language Teachers

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