Main fields of work

 The library is a key subdivision of the University, which is intended primarily to provide the information needs of students, postgraduates and university staff.

Our goal is to integrate into the world scientific and educational space by enhancing the role of the university library in teaching students, supporting research and projects through high-quality information support, comfortable space, service and innovation.
Our vision is the library as a leading scientific and educational center that is dynamically developing, it becomes a place for inspiration and comfortable work on the creation of projects, professional communication, carrying out various events; supports educational and scientific activities of students and scientists of the University at all stages of their research; provides an increase of the University's rating by promoting scientific publications to the international community and active international cooperation.
Our values:

Priorities for the development of the library are consistent with the main strategic goals of the University.

 Along with the fulfillment of the traditional functions of a library of a higher educational institution of IV accreditation level, the strategic development activities of the Library at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University are:

1. Implementation of the project "Digital Library".
2. Improvement of the library’s space.
3. Provision of versatile informational needs of students and academic staff.
4. Provision of library services for inclusive education.
5. Provision of library services for foreign students of the University.
6. Support in research activities at the University.
7. Development of the University’s library staff.
8. Support for the practice-oriented training of specialists in accordance with the University's new educational strategy.
9. Automation and improvement of library processes.
10. Support to electronic and printed scientific periodicals of the University.
11. Establishment of the international activity of the University’s Library.
12. Provision of remote services and services to the users of the University’s library.
13. Implementation of innovations in library activities.
14. Usage of cloud-based technologies in the library for users and librarians.
15. Promotion of academic integrity at the University.
16. Development of social communication and construction of a library community by means of social networks.




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