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Student life is an important and dynamic component of an active college experience. Each student is encouraged to grow both academically and personally, and to become participating college members. University College offers a variety of student groups and activities – scientific circles and conferences, drama, music and dance clubs, talent contests, quizzes and quests as well as charity events. Everyone will find something that appeals to their interests.
College organizes lectures and meetings with famous Ukrainian professionals in different spheres who share their experience and inspire students to further professional development.
There are a number of scientific circles at college. Among them:
• “Labyrinth” which examines controversial issues on historiography, studies historical and political myths and stereotypes;
• “Museum Pedagogy” which explores possibilities of combining Museum Pedagogy with studying the Ukrainian Language and Literature;
• “Bibliosoft” which studies e-resources and services in a library;
• “The young scientists” which focuses on profound study of the English language in the linguistic and cultural aspect;
• “Consonance” which deals with professional art education and culture of the XXI century;
• “Fractal” which studies the history of mathematics and its modern development as well as its role in our life;
• “Irii” which looks into the development of the Ukrainian Language and its place among other Slavic languages;
• “Specialist in Library Studies” which discusses topical issues related to Library Studies;
• “Kaleidoscope” which examines the current state of the development of psychological and pedagogical disciplines as well as studies the history of pedagogy.
The Student Theatre “Prometheus’ Sparkle” brings out the best in youth through experiences in the performing arts, building confidence and developing the tools and transferrable skills to help youth feel good about themselves, while empowering them to create their own lives.

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It is a must for any modern stadium to have facilities not only for playing football but also for doing other sports. The new open sports complex of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University at 16, Yuria Haharina Avenue, which was officially opened on 15 September 2017, is just the right one. It includes a football pitch with artificial cover, tracks of European quality, basketball and volleyball courts, diverse fitness equipment and spectator stands. Besides sporting events the sports complex is supposed to be used as a venue for holding various meetings, celebrations and activities.

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Number of Academics - 184

Higher Category - 75

Scientific Degree - 9

Aspirants - 19

Honorable Teachers of Ukraine - 2

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Dear Friends!


The education at the University College is aimed at

professional training of fututre specialists, efective development of individual abilities, the formation of the personal system of values and interests, the development of professional competences which create competitive advantages for our students at the labor market and help
them find a successful course of life for self realization.
Our motto is "Start your life with a high quality education".
 Yours sincerely,
Director of the University College
 Mariya Bratko

Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy,

Associate Professor



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