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University’s Mission

In the most general terms the mission is seen as a statement of philosophy and purpose, the meaning of existence. Philosophy sets of values ​​and principles by which it will carry out its activities.

The mission can also be seen as formed statement as to why there is an organization, the organization formulated difference from others. Correctly formulated mission though is always the general philosophical sense, always brings something that makes it unique so that characterizes precisely the organization in which it was developed.

For what is stated mission, what it provides for the organization? Firstly, the mission provides an environment subjects a general idea of ​​what an organization is, what it seeks, which means it is ready to use in their work. In addition, the mission contributes to the consolidation of certain image or organization.

Secondly, the mission helps unite employees and creation of corporate spirit. This is manifested in the following:

–       Mission clarifies common goal, the purpose of the organization for employees. As a result, staff members, aware of its mission, can concentrate their efforts in the same direction;

–       Mission ensures that employees can identify themselves with the organization;

–       The mission helps to create a certain climate in the organization.

The mission does not pose any specific guidance as to what terms to do. It sets the main directions of the organization, its relation to the processes and phenomena that take place inside and outside the organization.

Mission of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is in our service to a person, community and society we embrace everyone in sustainable individual development and leadership.

From mission we can understand that the overall goal of the University is the holistic development and leadership formation of all studying or working in it. Philosophy which is based on the goal is to serve people, communities and society.

Our mission is unique, it formulates a clear message to the outside world - what distinguishes our university from others to what we aim and what we consider the most important in our work.

After reading our mission, a potential student or employee understand that the University is a special emphasis on personal development, leadership training and improving the lives of people around. They will sort out whether our corporate philosophy to their views on life and decide whether they want to contribute to the realization of our mission.

 University’s values

Our lives run by our values. We can realize them or not value, but nonetheless values lead our life and lead to achieve very specific results. They are our life orientations and priorities, the most important selection criteria that define what will be our decisions in life situations, the basis of our world view. In any organization there are also values, even if they are declared separately. Each organization is based on certain ethical principles and a culture and a philosophy that directly affect its activity. It is guided in their daily affairs and decision making. The value of giving guidance to employees and distinguishes the company from competitors by explaining what is its key advantage. The values ​​should dictate the staff (at least, to give a general understanding) how to work. Thus the value is becoming a tool to implement strategic objectives. Corporate value is primarily a response to the question "who are we?", "How are we doing?", "What principles are guided in our work?". This is the core, which can be strung communication rules, principles and objectives of the staff of the organization.

The values, which ​​professed our University is also a "value-added" education for students. For any student of our University receives not only the knowledge of his chosen profession, but brings his own worldview, value system and personal mission. From the fact which values University ​​lives, depends on what will be our future graduates and, in the long run what will be the future of the country. After all, the state created by people and very soon its fate will depend on today's students. It is therefore important that the graduate received not only qualified, but also aware of his vocation, defined for a moral compass and principles of interaction with people whom he communicate his career.

Values of ​​Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University:

–       Man

–       Community

–       Trust

–       Spirituality

–       Servant Leadership

–       Responsibility

–       Professionalism

This list defines first the values, what principles guided the University in their daily work. Second, those beliefs that should separate each employee of the University, regardless of position. And third, these are the qualities that the University wants to see in our graduates.

Corporate Culture of the University

Corporate Culture of the University is a holistic system of unique identifying features, which are based on the values ​​that define the philosophy of its activities, the idea (vision) and mission form the traditions, rules and styles, ways of business and interpersonal relationships, behaviors’ of students and staff, reflecting the level of excellence, integrity and attractiveness of the university brand in today's socio-cultural, scientific and educational space.

The basis of the corporate culture of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University is on the principle of servant leadership. This type of leadership is focused on personal growth and well-being of people and communities, with whom communicates leader. While a traditional leadership involves one person on top of the power pyramid, servant leaders share power, trying to solve problems and help other people to grow, develop and share best results.

Robert Greenleaf, author of the term "servant leadership" offered the following assessment criteria of person’s or organization’s leadership:

–       Are those whom you serve, grow as a person?

–       While you serve them, whether these people are healthier, more free and autonomous, and thus likely to become servant leaders?

–       What impact has your servant to the least privileged part of society; whether it is useful for them, or at least not worsen their situation?

University promotes students as individuals in several ways. First, the main goal of any institution of higher education is quality training of highly qualified specialists. Second, personal growth is realized through a variety of extra-curricular activities: seminars, workshops, meetings with prominent personalities functioning of the university authorities, clubs and groups. Teachers and university employees also have the opportunity to improve their professional skills through visits to workshops and master classes, distance learning and attendance of relevant scientific developments.

The University has three years of functioning social project "With Kyiv and for Kyiv", launched by scientific-pedagogical staff and students of the University and aims to meet the educational and developmental, cultural, recreational, sports and recreational demands and needs of residents of the capital. Social project creates conditions for self-fulfillment of students and teachers and their active participation in public life. With the help of this project our student can contribute to serving the community and every resident of Kiev, has the opportunity to contribute their own personal development, gaining new knowledge and skills.

Culture of servant leadership is impossible without a sense of responsibility for their actions and deeds. That is why corporate philosophy is a philosophy of responsibility of each one to the other, the University, the Kyiv community and society. We are responsible to the University and the other members of the community, strive to improve the quality of educational services, facilitate efficient and productive learning process.

Our University is named after Borys Grinchenko, a man who all his life professed culture of servant leadership, worked for the development of Ukraine and helped raise the level of Ukrainian education. The ideological leader of the University is an example for all of us.

Another component of corporate culture University is our symbols by which enhanced sense of belonging to one organization. This includes the University coat of arms and its anthem, and the elements of corporate clothing, dress for the holidays, as well as our corporate color - turquoise.

University tradition is an important part of corporate culture. As in any family, our Grinchenko University’s family every year holds some manners. Our holiday is the solemn dedication of the students and University Day celebration of the birthday of Borys Grinchenko awarding the degrees. In addition, we carry elements of corporate attributes in the University Day and during the conference, the Academic council of scientific-methodical seminars, graduations, dedication to students. And Ukraine Flag Day, Independence Day of Ukraine, Taras Shevchenko Birthday and Memorial Day Borys Grinchenko items we wear national dress.

All relations at the University are based on trust, goodwill, support and cooperation, honesty, justice, dignity and rights of every member of the team. We support the mission and vision, share the values ​​of the University, appreciate its reputation and contribute to the formation of its positive reputation in the community.

The most important thing you should know about the corporate culture - it is completely formed every person belonging to the University. At her influence students, teachers, staff and even university graduates. Each of us is responsible for what will be our corporate culture, respectively, and the atmosphere in Grinchenko University’s family.

Borys Grinchenko is a servantleader

The true example of servant leadership for our university is a man whose name we bear our ideological leader is Borys Grinchenko. Throughout his life he served Ukraine. No wonder he is called the great educator, he saw that Ukraine of that time had a catastrophic lack of educated people and put life on it to make knowledge accessible to everyone.

Servant leader always has in his heart a vision - the vision of the end result. Undoubtedly, in the heart of the new vision of Borys Grinchenko was the vision of new Ukraine - developed, prosperous, independent and educated shone bright spark throughout his short but productive life. This vision, he conquered and his followers both those who worked side by side with him, and the next generation. Grinchenko never limited only to him, he always wanted to act and urged others to follow his example. Friends called him "Man of obligation." Dedicating life to education, defining it his life mission, he has never deviated from that and built up education in Ukraine as he could.

It should be noted that the questions of education Borys Grinchenko approached holistically and comprehensively. His work, he gave an example of effective changes in education since sought to improve the situation in all its areas and create conditions for training as many people, not just students. Grinchenko was not only a teacher, but also wrote textbooks and supervised conditions functioning schools; in addition he ordered the Ukrainian language dictionary, published in Ukrainian literature, produced magazines, participated in the activities of "Enlightenment" and collected a library of Mary and Borys Grinchenko. The fruits of his tireless work remain relevant to this day, and the importance of creative, scientific and pedagogical achievements Grinchenko preferably overstated.

Borys Grinchenko never stopped before difficulties. On the contrary, he always looked for the opportunity to solve any problem or difficult situation, trying to understand how it can help in overcoming the difficulties.

Borys Grinchenko is a true servant-leader and a real example of what is to follow the principles of leadership as servant always brings a long and great results. The life and work of Borys Dmitrovych is a source of endless inspiration to all who today lives by its values and ideals; anyone who believes that hard work can achieve any goals; everyone who faithfully serve others, the community and society.


Servant Leadership Manifest

Servant Leadership Companies

21st Annual National IATEFL Ukraine Conference

Date: 8-9 April 2016

Venue: Kyiv, Marshal Tymoshenko, 13 B

Dear English teachers and students! We invite you to participate in 21st Annual National IATEFL Ukraine Conference,co-organizers are: Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, British Council in Ukraine and IATEFL Ukraine.

Take the opportunity to attend presentations, discussions, workshops and book exhibitions and expand the network of acquaintances among professionals - teachers of English from Ukraine and abroad.

Guests of the event:

Judith Gough – Her Majesty's Ambassador to Ukraine;

Simon Williams – Director of the British Council in Ukraine;

Marjorie Rosenberg – President, IATEFL.

The staff and students of our university have the right to free participation in the conference.

To participate in the conference you should register by going to!21st-conference-2016/re42f

For more information visit

We invite you to participate in the presentation of DAAD grant programs!

Date and time: February, 29 at 10.00 a.m.
Location: Marshala Tymoshenko, 13 B

Dear students, teachers and young scientists! We invite you to the lecture-presentation of the international organization “The German Academic Exchange Service” (DAAD). DAAD scholarships offer opportunity for foreign scientists to conduct research and improve their skills in Germany. The program aims, in particular, support for research internships to exchange experiences and establish contacts with colleagues in Germany, implementation of research projects or working, studying, writing a thesis.

Contact person: Olha Vyhovska, Head of the Scientific-Research Laboratory of internationalization of higher education, 272-18-62

Presentation of the novel "Gunter’s Winter" by Juan Manuel Marcos

Date: January 18, 2016, 14:30 AM
Place: 13 B Tymoshenka Str., room 503
Contact Person: Yuliya Shtaltovna, e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr. Igor Protsenko, professor of UniNorte, Asunción, Paraguay is going to give a public lecture for the students of humanities during his visit to Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University on Jan, 18th at 13-40 in 503 class.

Being an Academic Coordinator of the Faculty of Graduate Studies at the Universidad del Norte (UniNorte), Asuncion, Paraguay; and a Professor of Literature and Literary Criticismat the School of Humanitarian Sciences and Education UniNorte, Dr. Protsenko will acquaint students with the opportunities to exchange programmes with Paraguay.

As well, the lecture will be devoted to the presentation of the novel "Gunter’s Winter" by Juan Manuel Marcos, which has been translated into more than 40 languages of the world. Juan Manuel Marcos, the author to the novel is the rector of Universidad del Norte, more commonly called UniNorte, is the most important private university of Paraguay. He is one of the most famous writers, who fought for democracyin Paraguay, having a bumpy ride through persecution, imprisonment, torture and exile for twelve years. Juan Manuel Marcos receiveda degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the UCM-Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Doctor of Philology at the University of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). He studiedat Yale and Harvard.

Juan Manuel Marcos is the author of the novel "Günter‘s Winter" (Prize "Book of the Year", 1987), the most prominent Paraguayan novel over the past forty years, which was short-listedby experts as one of the ten most importantin the history of the country, was translated into 40 languages.

Lecture of the USETI Alliance Experts Mark Zelman and Zarko Vukmirovic

Date: September 25, 2013, 08:30 AM – 13:10 PM

September 27, 2013, 10:00 AM – 13:10 PM

Place: 13 B Tymoshenka Str., room 407

Contact Person: Halyna Vdovychenko, Head of the International Department

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Read more:

Certificates Awards and the Presentation of Mr. Christoph Johannsen, Head of the International Association for Waldorf Pedagogy

Date: September 25, 2013, 10:30 A.M.

Place: 13-b Tymoshenka Str., Room #504

Contact Person: Halyna Vdovychenko, Head of the International Department

Read more:


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