Borys Grinchenko

Ukrainian teacher and writer

Special achievements

Ukrainian writer, teacher, lexicographer, literary critic, ethnographer, historian, statesman. Editor of many periodicals. The founder of Ukrainian Radical Party. Protected Ukrainian language. Literal pseudonyms: VasylChaichenko, L. Yavorenko, P. Vartoviy, B. Vilkhoviy, Perekotypole. The author of fundamental ethnographic, linguistic, literal and pedagogic works, historical essays, first textbooks about Ukrainian language and literature, for example “Native word” – books for reading at school. Compiled a four volume explanatory dictionary “Dictionary of Ukrainian language”. An organizer and director of “Prosvita” Foundation.

By the decision of an Academic Council of the University as of November 27, 2008 (protocol №9) was honored (posthumously) the title of an Honorable Professor for his significant contribution to the National education development and training, and in-service training of Kyiv teachers, and on the occasion of the 145 years of anniversary of his birth.

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