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Nowadays the higher education is getting through a lot of social

challenges on the way towards its reforms and modernization.

In our University we combine the best national traditions with

modern social needs in training pedagogical specialists and 


I will be glad to see everyone at our Institute. Here you will

obviously find the way for self-realization and development of

your creativity and talent under the patronage of qualified 

mentors and artists.


With best wishes,

Director of the Institute of Arts of

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

 Kostiantyn Batsak

Candidate of Sciences in History,

Associate Professor






Institute of Arts is located in the residential area Rusanivka. Students of the Institute study at four specialties: "Art of Music", "Fine Arts", "Design" and "Choreography". Upcoming artists have the opportunity to acquire professional skills in the real masters of their craft, including folk and honored artists of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine, candidates and doctors of sciences.

Students enrolled in the workshops of talented artists, specialists in arts and crafts, designers, graphic artists, classes and studios experienced singers and musicians, choreographers, acquire professional competence in specialized computer classes, working with the latest professional design and music programs.

Students also take part in creative meetings, concerts, presentations, exhibitions, festivals, competitions in Ukraine and abroad as well as in international educational projects to win national competitions in art and art education.

The Institute has 6 chairs, dozens of creative groups (choral, musical and performance, design, etc.).
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Music Art

Bachelor's/Specialist's/Master's Levels
Full/Part-time education
Music Art, professional direction: solo singing
Bachelor's/Master's Levels
Full/Part-time education


Bachelor's Level
Full-time education

Fine Arts

Bachelor's/Specialist's/Master's Levels
Full/Part-time education


Bachelor's/Master's Levels
Full-time education



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