Halyna Horbenko

Dean of the Faculty of Journalism

Academic degree, academic rank

PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor

Special achievements

In 1983 Halyna Horbenko graduated from Chernivtsi National University named after Yurii Fedkovych (called as of today) having pursued studies of "Ukrainian language and literature". In 2003 she graduated from Higher school of Advertising of Moskow Humanitarian-social Academy, specialisation: “Advertising management”. In 2004 she received a scientific degree of Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy. Halyna Horbenko received an academic rank of  Associate Professor of the Department of Advertising and Public Relations  in 2014. 

Halyna Horbenko is the author of more than 20 scientific publications, compiler of a reference book "Alphabet of Social Communications".

At Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University she has been working since 2012. During the period of work under the leadership of Halyna Horbenko the Club of Social Communications has been started up. It actively functions and unites students from different educational areas, giving them an opportunity to communicate with leading experts in the field of Advertising and PR. Halyna Horbenko is the organizer of the competition for senior pupils of Kyiv called "For the first time to PR-class", which aims to introduce pupils to the sphere of Social Communications and to attract them to the profession of an advertiser and a PR professional. She is also the Head of the jury of Ukraine-wide festival of book trailers “Book fashion”. Halyna Horbenko prepared more than 30 winners of international and national, Ukraine-wide, festivals of advertising. She is Editor in Chief of scientific journal “Integrated communications’.

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