Guest lecture course of Professor of University of Genoa (Italy) Laura Salmon

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19-25 April, 2017
Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

On the initiative of Head of the Chair of Romance Philology – Rusudan Makhachashvili, Professor of the Chair – Salvatore Del Gaudio and supported by the SRL of Internationalization of higher education, for students of specialty "Philology (Italian Language and Literature)" was organized guest lectures by Professor of the University of Genoa Laura Salmon. Series of lectures was devoted to theory and practice of Italian-Ukrainian translation and urgent problems in the practice of Italian language translation.
Professor Laura Salmon is a world-renowned expert on the theory of translation, the author of numerous fundamental researches, scientific and educational works. At lectures and workshops students and pedagogical staff of the Institute of Philology had the opportunity to study a generative model of translation and numerous examples of unique translation solutions:
• Theoretical questions of translation Slavic language texts in Italian.
• Onomastics and its translation in Italian.
• Examples of translation realities Slavic language in Italian.
• Translation of proper names in Italian.
• Workshop of translation in Italian.
Unique lectures united future professionals, teachers of the Institute of Philology and invited experts of translation.

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