Report on Implementation of Scientific Theme "Development of Kyiv City Economy in the Context of European Integration"


22 June 2023
Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University


On 22 June 2023, Academic Council of the University approved a report on the results of implementation of the scientific theme of the Department of International Economics and the Department of Finance at the Faculty of Economics and Management "Development of Kyiv City Economy in the Context of European Integration" (registration number: 0118U001561; term of implementation: June 2018 - June 2023). The results of the research were presented by the supervisor of the research theme Valeriia Loiko, Professor of the Department of International Economics, Doctor of Science in Economics, Professor.

The research was carried out in four areas: "Analysis of Certain Sectors Development of Kyiv City ", which substantiated the concept of a "smart city" for Kyiv, identified trends in the housing and communal infrastructure of Kyiv and built a forecast model of trends in the volume of commissioning of the total area of residential buildings; established trends in the commercial real estate market of Kyiv in peacetime and wartime; "Analysis of Education System Development in Kyiv under Lockdown Restrictions and Martial Law", which developed and tested a methodology for allocating budget expenditures for the organisation of the educational process in general secondary education institutions, which was implemented in the activities of the Department of Finance of the executive body of the Kyiv City Council (Kyiv City State Administration), etc; "Conceptual Bases of Diagnostics of Economic Security of Business Entities in the City Economy Development ", which developed a methodological approach to determining the criteria of socio-economic security of city residents in peacetime and wartime, substantiated the conceptual model of the impact of external and internal environment factors on the level of economic security of business entities, including educational institutions, and developed a methodological approach and algorithm for determining the level of economic security through an integral indicator in quantitative and qualitative dimensions; "Functioning of Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs) in the City Economy", which focuses on solving the problem of using decentralised autonomous organisations (DAOs) in various city systems, identifying the benefits and challenges associated with the use of DAOs, etc.

During the period of implementation of the research theme, the following were published: 234 scientific articles, including 62 in scientific journals indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science databases; 2 single monographs and 21 chapters in collective monographs; 10 textbooks; 266 abstracts at international and national scientific and practical conferences; 35 certificates of copyright registration for the work. In addition, 1 doctoral thesis was defended as part of the research theme.

Participation in international projects, including the annual Security Forum, the project "Strategies for Sustainable Development of Territories in Post-Crisis Recovery" (2021), a joint research project of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University and XDAO (XGROUP GLOBAL PTE LTD, Singapore), which is currently being implemented, helped to substantiate the feasibility of using the international experience of municipal economies of European cities for the development of Kyiv city economy.

The practical orientation of the research results is due to the close cooperation with Kyiv City State Administration, in connection with which ongoing consultations were held, round tables and scientific and practical seminars on topical issues of the city's economy were organised.

Based on the results of the research, training courses were prepared for the Summer Economic School "Ukraine and EU: Candidate Status and Integration Prospects" (19-23 June 2023) and the Summer School "Economy of Our City" for Kyiv schoolchildren (19 June - 7 July 2023).

The results of the implementation of the research topic were introduced into the educational process of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University through the implementation of the topic in the scientific works of bachelors, masters and doctors of philosophy, annual updating of the curricula of academic disciplines, development and implementation of educational components in the new edition of the educational and professional programme of the first (bachelor's) level "City Economics. Urbanism" and the educational and scientific programme of the third (educational and scientific) level of training (Doctor of Philosophy) "Economics". A training course for the temporarily unemployed "Manager of an Apartment Building" was also developed and implemented.

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