CARE Project. Day 2


10 October 2023
Häme University of Applied Sciences (Finland)

 The second day of the visit within the framework of the international CARE project with the support of HAMK University of Applied Sciences, Finland, was full of training activities.

Edu Research Unit researchers Soili Rinne and Carita Cruz presented the competency framework for career counsellors in Finland. Ms Soili Rinne made a presentation on "Student-centred approach, career counselling and advising as an educational profession". Olli Poyry, a career counselling expert, presented a strategic plan for the development of the programme at HAMK.

The lectures were supplemented by practical exercises, during which the representatives of Grinchenko University had an opportunity to brainstorm about the future criteria for a successful career counsellor in Ukraine. Using the best practices of Finland, we aim to introduce a new, popular educational and professional programme at our University.

Materials provided by НДЛ інтернаціоналізації вищої освіти (SRL of Internationalization of Higher Education)

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