Prospects for developing cooperation in higher education between Ukraine and Austria

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April 16, 2024
Uzhhorod National University (Uzhhorod, Ukraine)

On April 16, Uzhhorod National University hosted a high-level meeting of representatives of education and science from Ukraine and the Republic of Austria to discuss the prospects for the development of international cooperation in higher education in general and strengthening cooperation between Ukrainian and Austrian universities in particular. The participants included representatives of the Embassy of the Republic of Austria in Ukraine and leading universities of both countries. Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University was represented by the First Vice-Rector Liliia Hrynevych.

Liliia Hrynevych outlined the possibilities of international cooperation in times of crisis during wartime and post-war, emphasizing the role of higher education institutions in rebuilding Ukraine: "Last year we updated our University Development Strategy to meet the challenges of the war. In particular, we are focusing our activities on sustainable development in the context of restoring our country and European integration." She also emphasized the priority areas of cooperation identified at different faculties of the University.

Among the priorities of cooperation, the training of future teachers and education managers was discussed, in particular in the context of implementation of the New Ukrainian School reform, which our University actively supports. This area was of particular interest to our Austrian partners, as the leading pedagogical institutions of Austria, in particular, the University College of Teacher Education in Vienna and the University College of Teacher Education Styria were among the invited universities.

The event was organized by Austrian Agency for Education and Internationalization (OeAD) together with Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research of the Republic of Austria, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and National Erasmus+ Office in Ukraine.

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