Impressions about Vilnius University (Lithuania)

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September-December 2017
Vilnius University (Lithuania)

Grinchenko University has been working closely with the University of Vilnius and for the third year in a row has the opportunity to send students to study within the program of academic mobility.

Marina Kryvinchuk, a student of the Institute of Journalism, a member of the academic exchange program is sharing the impressions about her studying experience:
"I am, in fact, a happy person, because I have had a great opportunity to gain international experience. I am very glad I have been able to improve my level of English and not only English. A wide range of disciplines at different faculties allowed me to plunge into what I sometimes lacked in Ukraine. Being an exchange student is really cool, because you are not attached to one specialty and you can finally understand whether you are going the right way or it’s better to choose another direction.
I have always wanted to learn Norwegian. And in spite of the fact it was not in the list of proposed subjects, I still had a chance to take this course with the Lithuanian group. Of course, it was difficult for me to hear the language I didn’t understand, but fortunately the most important points were translated for me into English. I was impressed by the responsiveness of the Vilnius University teachers. When there were some cases of concurrency in my timetable, the teachers were always ready to help and offered the appropriate option. I really liked the library, which was built in 2013. It is very modern and you can always find the right book there.
The fact that I studied with Lithuanians helped me to get to know this university much better. During this program I made a lot of new friends not only among exchange students, but also among foreigners who won the scholarships.
I am grateful to Lithuania for having taught me to be tolerant and have unhurried way of life. I have made sure that all those jokes about the slowness of the Balts turned out to be true. Due to this, I have completely rethought my life and have become wiser. I will always remember Tbilisoba, where I met the Ambassador of Georgia, my visit to the residence of Dali Grybauskaitė and many other things".

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