Development of democratic citizenship competences within teacher training system

Brief project description:

The project aims to support large-scale education reform in Ukraine by training primary school teachers in order they develop student's democratic citizenship competencies.

As the result of the project implementation, it is expected to introduce pilot training modules on innovative approaches to the development of democratic citizenship competencies in three pedagogical institutions of Ukraine.

The activities within the project framework will be based on the Concept of the New Ukrainian School, recently approved by the Ukrainian Government, new state standards of learning that are being developed, the Charter of the Council of Europe on education for democratic citizenship and human rights, the Framework for Competitiveness for the Culture of Democracy of the Council of Europe and other Ukrainian and international research in this area.

Given the advanced achievements by Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University in reforming Ukrainian school and taking into account the European Wergeland Center experience in developing the Framework for Democracy Culture Competencies within Council of Europe with the help of additional methodological materials on this model implementation into education systems within Council of Europe as well as basing on the Center's experience in implementing the National Ukrainian Program for Democratic Citizenship Education "Democratic School" (2015-2018), the partners will use modern European developments in democratic citizenship education to develop innovative approaches to train future teachers.

The project goal:

To promote democratic reforms within Ukrainian education and introduce new state standards of teaching democratic citizenship competencies into the universities system of teacher training.

The objectives:
● To support the modernization of pedagogical education in Ukraine and to prepare future teachers for pedagogical activities aimed at developing democratic citizenship competencies of students in accordance with the new Concept of Ukrainian schools and Council of Europe recommendations.
● To create and maintain a community of future teachers who seek to become agents of democratic change by implementing professional tasks in the future.
● To encourage dissemination and implementation of the innovative Framework for Democracy Culture Competencies in Ukraine that was recently approved by the Council of Europe

Project duration: 1 year with a possible extension of cooperation

Partners and project participants: Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, European Wergeland Center, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Council of Europe, Center for Educational Monitoring

Financing: granted by the European Wergeland Center.

Expected results:
● Translation of the CoE publication "Competence for the Culture of Democracy" (2016)
● Strengthening partnerships among teaching universities of Ukraine
● 4-day training for 20 teachers of pedagogical universities on democratic citizenship and human rights
● developed modules on competences for democratic citizenship for elementary school and its implementation in at least 5 training courses for students of pedagogical specialties

Target audience: teachers of three pedagogical universities of Ukraine

Educational materials: Recommendations on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights by Council of Europe, Development of Democracy Culture Competences Framework materials by Council of Europe

Working language: Ukrainian

Project Manager: Irina Sabor, The European Wergeland Center
Finance Manager: Martha Melnykevych-Chorna, The European Wergeland Center
Project Coordinator: Olga Kotenko, Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University
Logistics Manager: Anastasiya Roslutska, Center for Educational Monitoring

The European Wergeland Center, October 2017




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