Erasmus+ KA203 Project "Teaching Digital Entrepreneurship" / TED


· Compile and test a new educational program "Digital Entrepreneurship" for students studying the basics of business in higher educational institutions;

· Increase the competence of the European teaching staff in the field of new technologies and entrepreneurship, which will allow applying the best methods and tools for the transfer of knowledge in digital entrepreneurship;

· Support the process of learning and developing the competence of students, giving them best practices for launching and managing successful digital initiatives;

· Strengthen cooperation between 7 partner institutions and strengthen internationalization by creating new didactic content and sharing best practices.

Expected results of the project:

· Creation of a new curriculum that will contain topics related to "Digital Entrepreneurship", equipped with textbooks, cases and teachers ready to teach students how to overcome the uncertainty faced by entrepreneurs in the era of digitalization and how to use new technologies for commercial purposes;

· Building, expanding and developing new competencies for teachers in the field of digital entrepreneurship;

· Providing students with innovative knowledge that will enable them to develop entrepreneurial and digital skills, start and manage an entrepreneurial digital initiative.


Project implementation: 01.09. 2020 - 31.08. 2023

Project coordinator: Olena Shtepa, associate professor of the Department of Management of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Management, Candidate of Economic Sciences, associate professor.


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