Conditions and Requirements of Inclusive Education

The project "Conditions and Requirements of Inclusive Education" was launched at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University in cooperation with the University of Education (Heidelberg, Germany) in 2010. The project is supported by DAAD (German Academic Exchange Program). It is aimed at professional development of the faculty members and students towards inclusive education through joint conferences, training programs for Ukrainian participants, exchange of the faculty members and students, joint research publications.

The project was designed to bring new pedagogic experience to our academic staff and students. During its implementation guest lectures of professors from Heidelberg Karl Holtz, Anne Sliwka, Sylvia Selke, and others were held in our University. Students and professors of our University also took part in seminars and internships which took place in the University of Education, Germany.

Project coordinator is Natalia Sofiy, Head of the Research Centre on Inclusive Education, In-Service Training Institute.

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