Hristo Nikolov Kaftandzhiev

Professor at the faculty of marketing and journalism of Sofia University

Academic degree, academic rank

Doctor of Philosophy, Doctor of Sciences

Professional and scientific interest

Hristo Nikolov Kaftandzhiev - Professor, Doctor in Philology, Department of Journalism
Education: Master's degree in philology at the St. Clement of Ohrid Sofia University, Department of Philology (1981), Ph.D. degree - 'The Language of Advertising. Graphics and Text' (1982)

Hristo Kaftandzhiev is a professor, a doctor of philosophy, and a doctor of sciences at the faculty of marketing and journalism of Sofia University (Bulgaria). He teaches courses on general theory of advertising, transit advertising, communication strategies of advertising, advertising campaigns, semiotics and advertising, visual communications, integrated marketing communications, etc. Hristo also has special series of lectures on marketing communications for the following groups of products: meal and drinks; financial services; tourism; telecommunications etc. Hristo Kaftandzhiev is the author of numerous scientific articles and books. Some of them are in Russian, the others – in Bulgarian. Hristo often gives lectures outside of Bulgaria in such countries as Finland, Holland, Germany, Austria, Sweden, the USA, Slovenia, Croatia, Ireland, Czech Republic, Bosnia, Latvia, Estonia, Armenia, Great Britain, etc. Hristo also gives lectures in Russia and Ukraine.

In September 27, 2013 Professor Kaftandzhiev gave lectures at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University - "Modern Marketing Communications" and "Intercultural aspects in modern advertising" to faculty members and students of the Advertising and Public Relations Department. All participants had an opportunity to see the best examples of high-quality and efficient European and American advertising based on the successful use of psychological techniques, archetypes and symbolic systems.
The stories about modern advertising, supported by the Bulgarian humor left noone indifferent. We wait for a new meeting with Hristo, who promised to open all the secrets of creative and successful advertising next time!

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