Main Fields of Work


The Faculty is located in 13-B Marshala Tymoshenko Street, Kyiv, Ukraine - in a classroom building of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University where it occupies a separate floor which was renovated and redecorated within a very short period of time due to the great efforts of the University administration. Education of a new generation of lawyers and diplomats is enhanced and supported by the University’s powerful infrastructure, including its material and technical base, as well as its information database.

The students of the Faculty will be able to acquire knowledge, competences and practical skills, that are necessary for their future profession activity, both at the Human Rights Protection Centre and at the Centre of International and European Law that are going to operate at the Faculty of Law and International Relations. 

The Legal Clinic Astraea, Boris Grinchenko Kiyv University, was established in 2014 to enhance practical knowledge and skills of law students and senior students who are taking their practical training. Practicing adherence to and respect for Rule of Law, justice and human dignity enables future lawyers to understand the value and significance of academic knowledge and to master the methodology and technique of its practical implementation and execution. Ten top students-consultants and five tutors, including acting public defenders and lawyers are engaged into the activity of the Clinic. Most of the students-consultants are fluent in foreign languages (English, French, German).

Human Rights Protection Centre. Its main task is to encourage our students to deepen and consolidate the acquired theoretical knowledge in the field of law through a variety of types of scientific and applied activities. Outstanding human rights activists, academics, lawyers, law enforcement practitioners, foreign experts will be invited to Human Rights Protection Centre to teach the students of Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University how to protect human rights and freedoms in practice. It is assumed that Human Rights Protection Centre will bring together the students from different years of study of our Faculty and unite them into a team of human rights defenders. Their activities should set an example for students of other Ukrainian universities.

The Diplomatic and Protocol Service Center is set up to practice using Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette norms in talks and negotiations, as well as to organize Protocol events and provide diplomatic correspondence.
The Translation Center is set up to facilitate and sharpen student practical skills in translation of contractual nature documents (agreements, contracts, certificates) and interpretation in professional fields (social, political, business, scientific, academic), as well as to help students work with authentic publications.

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