Students Life

The Student Governance of the Faculty is active.
The highest executive and representative body of the student governance of the Faculty of Law and International Relations is the Council of Students which includes students of different majors, programmes and academic groups.
The objective of the activities of the Faculty Student Government is to promote a harmonious development of student personalities, the formation of their future skills as organizers/administrators.
The activity of the Student Government focuses mainly on:
• protection of the interests of students at all levels of higher education;
• implementation of student initiatives into the educational process, as well as into scientific,
professional, cultural and other social fields of activity;
• quality improvement of interaction between students and the University administration;
• ensuring student rights and freedoms according to the civic rules that are in force in the society;
• organizational issues of everyday life, different forms of entertainment, travel, student employment;
• creation of appropriate conditions for living and leisure of students;
• promoting activities of student groups, companies, associations, clubs for interests;
• cooperation with students of other higher educational institutions and youth organizations, etc.;
• formation of a new information space for the students of the university and their connection with the global information sources.




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