November 28, 2019

Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

On November 28, 2019 at the meeting of the Academic Council at Grinchenko University there was approved the report on the interim results of the implementation of individual scientific research presented by Iryna Vorotnykova, PhD in Pedagogy, Associate Professor of the Department of Methodology of Natural Sciences, Mathematics Education and Technologies of the Institute of In-Service Teachers’ Training on the subject «Design and Application of E-learning

for Teachers at In-Service Training » (within the framework of the research project " Ensuring Quality of Professional Activity of Teaching Staff of Kyiv in the System of Continuous Teachers’ Training ").
In the course of the research the scientific tools of introduction of e-learning at in-service teachers’ training have been substantiated; conceptual approaches to the introduction of e-learning at in-service teachers’ training using international and national experience have been defined; the use of e-learning in the system of continuous teachers’ training and in professional activity has been experimentally tested.
On the basis of experimental educational institutions the following projects coordinated by Iryna Vorotnykova have been implemented: “Model of the City’s Center for Open Education in Conditions of Information Society Development”; “Organizational, Psychological and Pedagogical Conditions for Introduction of E-learning Elements at School”; "Modeling Center for Open Education in Programming and Web Design at Secondary School"; “Introducing Open Education for Students with Special Needs”; "Using Web 2.0 at School."

Following the results of the research, 22 scientific articles have been published, whereas 6 of them included in Scopus and Web of Science international scientometric databases.

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