- Kyiv contest for senior pupils «First Time in a PR Class»;
- Ukraine-wide festival of book trailers «Book Fashion»;
- International conference «Social Communication intercultural environment: intercontinental dialogue of intellectuals»;
- International certified program «Communication security»;
- Scientific journal «Integrated communications».


Project activity:

First Time 1«First Time in a PR Class» – a contest that will give the possibility to youth to express its attitude towards to one or another social problem and make a contribution to their own self-development, the development of the institute and the development of our country.
The objective of the contest – to familiarize students in the spheres of social communications and orient them to choosing a profile for their future activity in advertising, public relations, marketing, publishing, etc. and stimulate creative self-improvement among students in higher classes.
Task of the contest:
• Expand the knowledge of students in the sphere of social communications;
• Familiarize students with the professions of experts in advertising, public relations. Publishing and media communications;
• Inform senior students and their parents about the possibility of mastering the professions of specialists in public relations, advertising, publishing and media communications at eh Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University;
• Open up the creative potential of contest participants;
• Expose future leaders of the aforementioned professions;
• Research the expectations of potential applicants to the university regarding the process of of specialization in the sphere of social communications.


book fashion«Book Fashion» – an annual all-Ukrainian festival among senior students (Grades 10-11) for developing and promoting book trailers and promotional video clips via the Internet.
Goal of the festival – popularization of reading and turning the attention of readers to novelties on the book market.
Task of the festiveal:
• Engaging junior and senior students to popularizing reading;
• Search for novelties among printed books;
• Exchange of experience with leading higher learning institutions and experts in the spheres of advertising, publishing and bibliology.
Festival nominations:
• Playing booktrader (mini-film by the book);
• Presentational booktrader (set of slides);
• Animation booktrader (animated film by the book).


Communication SecurityInternational certificate training program «Communication Security» aims to create a communication platform for those who want to learn how to defend themselves in conditions of information wars, effectively fend off psychological attacks and detect manipulation.
The program was initiated by the Advertising and Public Relations Faculty of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. Foreign learning institutions and organizations are also co-organizers of the program. Among them are the Institute of History at the Lodz University (Poland), Vitautas the Great University (Lithuania), the Syaivo Ukrainian-Turkish Cultural Center and the Sofia University of St. Kliment Okhrydskiy (Bulgaria).
Speakers of the training sessions work with participants of the program in the following spheres: manipulation as a phenomenon, the main traps of manipulation, the principles of psycho-emotional regulation, personal stress stability, communication threats in the post-information society, information wars at the corporate nand state level and the specifics of propaganda. Students have a unique opportunity to find out about a lot of new information for themselves from a guru of contemporary communications.




«Media School at the Grinchenko University» – this is an educational project, which includes unique curricula for secondary school students, university student, teachers and all those who are interested in the sphere of mass media.

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