The think tank «OsvitAnalityka»


The think tank "OsvitAnalityka" is a scientific structural division of the Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. The Think tank is managed by the vice-rector for Academic and International Affairs.

The aim of «OsvitAnalityka» is to develop high-quality solutions and practices based on the analysis of the state educational policy on the national, local, and institutional levels.
Main objectives of «OsvitAnalityka» are as follows:
• to conduct analytical studies in the field of educational policy;
• to develop recommendations that can be practically applicable or implemented at various levels of public administration;
• to elaborate the internal organizational structure of the Think tank and an independent body – Supervisory and Expert Board;
• to provide for strategic planning of the Think tank's short-term and long-term activities;
• to develop a system for monitoring and evaluating activities in order to predict and prevent critical situations, as well as to better assess the efficiency of the Think tank's activities;
• to build a professional and competitive team (managerial staff, expert analysts);
• to assess the need for staff development and creating development plans for employees;
• to provide training and staff development with a help of training modules and highly professional experts who will provide trainings etc.;
• to monitor educational legislation and the most relevant issues in the field of education;
• to create a communication strategy at the internal and external level with identification of stakeholders for joint implementation of research, popularization of the Think tank's activities.
• to ensure publicity and transparency of financial policies, strategies, regulations and reports to be available for open discussions and exchange of ideas;
• to carry out research works on the approved topics in accordance with the established procedure sponsored by various sources, including research works funded by grants;
• to develop various forms of scientific cooperation (including international cooperation) with leading research institutions, educational institutions and organizations to address scientific challenges and implement the results of scientific research and development;
• to participate in the organization of international programs, conferences, round table discussions to exchange the best expertise in training staff of higher educational institutions, developing their leadership and institutional potential;
• to provide additional paid services related to the Think tank's activities.
The think tank was established with the support of the Think Tank Development Initiative of the International Renaissance Foundation in partnership with the Open Society Initiative for Europe (OSIFE) with funding from the Swedish Embassy in Ukraine.

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