Faculty of Ukrainian Philology, Culture and Art


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The Faculty of Ukrainian Philology, Culture and Art welcomes you!

Today, it is a young, dynamic structural unit of Grinchenko University. About 350 students receive their education here, foreign students learn Ukrainian as a foreign language.  The faculty provides training in the following educational programs:  educational level "Bachelor" Presenter of Television Programs; Information, Librarianship and Archiving; Ukrainian Language and Literature; educational level "Master" Foreign Literature and World Artistic Culture; Information, Librarianship and Archiving; Literary Creativity; Applied Philology; Ukrainian Language and Literature.
Teaching of professional disciplines at the Faculty is provided by highly qualified academic staff. Among them there are 18 Doctors of Science, Professors, 27 Candidates of Science / PhDs, Associate Professors, 1 Honored Artist of Ukraine.
Our scientific and pedagogical team is characterized by a creative intellectual atmosphere, openness to communication, modern thinking and a careful attitude to the traditions of the past, in particular to the creative heritage of Borys Grinchenko.
The student self-governance of the Faculty actively cooperates with the teaching environment, acts as an initiator of leadership initiatives, creative ideas, scientific research and volunteer work.
The mission of the Faculty as a structural unit of Grinchenko University is to help everyone in integral development and leadership formation, to serve people, community and society.

Sincerely yours,
Iryna Rusnak, Dean of the Faculty of Ukrainian Philology, Culture and Art. 

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