Main Fields of Work


Educational work. The organization of educational process at the Faculty of Pedagogical Education is carried out according to the practically oriented learning approach at educational programmes of the first (Bachelor’s) educational level for specialties “Preschool Education”, “Primary Education” and the second (Master’s) educational level for specialties “Preschool Education”, “Primary Education”, “Corporate Education and Personnel Development”, “Educational Design and Coaching in Education of Adults”, “Pedagogy of Higher Education”, “Pedagogy of Secondary Education” (form of training: part-time).

The academic staff has created favourable environment for acquiring professional competences within the chosen specialty and developing personal skills and talents at the Faculty. Experienced teaching staff, rooms equipped with latest technology, national and foreign pedagogical partners from higher educational institutions, the best Kyiv preschool and primary school institutions, innovative technologies used within the teacher and student partnership relations, effective combination of theoretical and practical content of learning, individual training pathways for students who study and work – all of these you can find at our Faculty.
We seek to improve not only the content of professional training but also the forms of its acquisition.
There are the following centers at the Faculty: Centre of Self-knowledge and Self-Development and the Centre of Innovation Educational Technologies (ICR Classroom).
The conditions for organizing a research-based education; a continuous process of future teacher’s foreign language training; conducting the pedagogical practice in the best rated Kyiv preschool and primary school institutions are provided at the Faculty.
Various innovative technologies are implemented in the educational process such as, case-study, blended learning, flipped classroom, CLIL, distance learning, cooperative learning, mobile learning, gamification with LEGO, test and matrix approach to teacher training.
The Faculty is proud of such facilities as a modern library, an auditorium equipped for implementation of “1 student - 1 laptop” model, classrooms equipped with Smartboards and flipcharts for holding trainings and other innovative forms of education.

Social and humanitarian activities. Students are actively involved in decision making process regarding social and humanitarian issues:
• ensuring the observance of the rights and social guarantees of students of privileged categories;
• solving scholarship issues, providing material assistance and awarding students;
• carrying out preventive measures for a healthy lifestyle at the University and dormitories;
• organization and holding cultural events;
• cooperation with Student’s self-government council;
• organization of work of creative clubs;
• organization and promotion of the development of sports achievements of students of the Faculty.

Scientific work. In 2021-2026 the Departments work on the following scientific topics:
• “Training of Future Specialists in Preschool Education for Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Early Age Children Development” (scientific coordinator – Olena Polovina).
The research aims at developing, substantiating and experimentally testing the content and methodological support for training the students of specialty 012 Preschool Education for the implementation of psychological and pedagogical support for the development of early age children in educational process at higher education institution.
• “Innovative Development of Higher Pedagogical Education in the Interdisciplinary Dimension” (scientific coordinator – Liudmyla Khoruzha)
The research aims at identifying the innovative development of higher pedagogical education at the University on the interdisciplinary basis and justifying the system-forming (system and methodological, content and process, local and technological components), and testing the prognostic model of the realization of the components of innovativeness.
• “System of Training of Primary School Teachers for Professional Activity in the Context of the Reform "New Ukrainian School"” (scientific coordinator – Olena Linnik)
The research aims at substantiating theoretical and methodical principles, developing and experimentally testing the system of primary school teachers preparation for professional activities in the context of NUS reform.

  • “Psychological and Pedagogical Support of Personal and Professional Development of Future Teachers in the Implementation of New Educational Standards” (scientific coordinator – Hanna Ivaniuk)
    The research aims at a holistic study of leading Ukrainian and world theories, concepts and practices to justify the stages of personal and professional development of future teachers in the implementation of new educational standards and develop components of its psychological and pedagogical support.
    The priority scientific directions of the Departments:
    • identifying the priorities of the of higher education development in Ukraine;
    • developing the concept of continuous pedagogical education at the University;
    • ensuring content and technological, psychological and pedagogical support of the implementation of the new strategy for teacher training and new professional standards;
    • developing and testing a holistic model of the psychological and pedagogical supervision of personal and professional development of future teachers;
    • systematization and grouping of technologies for personal and professional development of future teachers;
    • training PhD students of the third (educational and scientific) level of education;
    • developing and testing manuals for students of the first, second, and the third educational levels;
    • learning the successful practices of teacher training in the framework of the NUS reform;
    • the development of diagnostic tools and researching the professional competencies of future teachers;
    • forming the foreign communicative competence of future teachers;
    • international cooperation in the field of Education.
    Academic staff have signed international cooperation agreements with foreign educational institutions. Guest lectures were held as part of the implementation of international cooperation agreements. The Faculty staff members also participate in teaching staff mobilities. The Faculty departments hold international, scientific and practical conferences and round tables. Students are active participants and winners of Ukrainian competitions and Scientific Olympiads. 
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