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In-service  Training Institute!

Our Institute is the first educational establishment in Ukraine  to provide in-service teacher training.

The history of municipal continuing education starts in 1875. Nowadays it is a modern  educational institution which  organizes teacher's continuing  professional development on the basis of modern professional  standards and requirements considering the individual needs of  every teacher in Kyiv.

 With best regards,

Director of In-service Training Institute of
Borys Grinchenko Kyiv Metropolitan University

Myhailo Voitsekhivsky

Candidate of Sciences in Pedagogy,

Associate Professor





Directors of the pre-school institutions
Educators of the pre-school institutions
Educators-Methodists of the pre-school institutions
Educators of the nursery groups
Instructor of the Physical Education
Nurses for Children's Institutions
Music Leaders
Teachers of the elementary education (with a specialized secondary education)
Teachers of the elementary school (with the higher education)
Teachers of the Fine Arts
Teachers of Music Art
Teachers of the Art Culture
Teachers of the Physical Education
Teachers of the Aesthetic Profile
Teachers of Arts and Crafts
Coaches of the Sports Centers
Teachers of Math
Teachers of Computer Sciences
Teachers of Physics
Teachers of Chemistry
Teachers of Biology
Teachers of Geography
Teachers of Labor Training (technical kinds of work)
Teachers of Labor Training ( serving kinds of work)
Teachers of the course «Economic Fundamentals»
Teachers of the course «Defenders of the Motherland»
Teachers of the course «Health Basics»
Technical Profile Group Coaches
Teachers of the Ukrainian Language
Teachers of the Foreign Literature
Teachers of the Russian Language and Literature
Teachers of the English Language
Teachers of the German Language
Teachers of the French Language
Teachers of the Spanish Language
Educators of the Daycare Group at Secondary Schools
Educators of the Daycare Group at School Kindergarten
Educators of the Secondary Boarding Schools
Teachers organizers
Methodists of the Out of School educational Institutions
Teachers of the course «Ukrainian Studies»
Teachers of the course «Law»
Teachers of the course «Christian Ethics»
Logo Therapists
Speech Pathologists
Practical Psychologists
Social Pedagogy Employees
Social Work Professionals

Creation of the informational and methodological space for the teachers (you may use Institute site for finding links to the pages of the subjects www.ippo.org.ua)

Creation of the informational and methodological portal «Ukrainian educational space» for the foreign school teachers http://uop.net.ua/

Holding of the webinars, video conferences and consultations
Establishment of the national and regional textbooks for the elementary, secondary and high school.

Work on the development of the museum education development of the electronic and educational resources for the National project «Open World».

Distance Learning for the students of the courses and students of the secondary schools.


New formats of teachers professional development in 2017-2018 according to the requirements of the Concept of “New Ukrainian School” and the Law of Ukraine “On Education”

Presentation by M. Voitsekhivskyi,  Director of the In-Service Teacher Training Institute, Cand. Ped, Sc., Associate Professor.


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