Main Fields of Work

University College is a part of the university complex and provides professional training for the qualification degree of Junior Specialist along with a complete general secondary education. It offers 14 majors which represent different fields of knowledge – Education, Culture and Art, Journalism, Management and Administration, Law, Social Work. Its strategic objective is training highly competitive specialists through creating innovating learning environment. The educational process is based on the competence approach which is aimed at students’ acquiring knowledge and skills necessary for their future profession.
Academic staff do scientific-research work and involve students in conducting their own individual research projects or being part of a group project. Through research, students develop a practical expertise in and intellectual passion for their chosen field. They present their results in scientific conferences and journals in Ukraine and abroad.
University College is actively engaged in the University’s social project “With Kyiv and for Kyiv” which offers classes in school preparation, music, arts and sports for the capital residents.

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